My name is Robert Kortus.   I am a husband, father, music lover, beer connoisseur, book addict, blogger, atheist/humanist – broadcasting from the armpit of America

I grew up on the west coast, near Seattle, WA, and was heavily influenced by the culture and music of the great Northwest.   I currently resides in Sioux Falls, SD with my wife and two children.  In my free time I enjoy art, music, documentaries, science, working with rescue dogs, and making (and drinking) beer.

I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian home and was home-schooled for a number of years.  After rebelling in high school, I was shipped off to a Christian college in the Midwest where I became a devout “follower of Jesus”.  After about a decade, I began to have serious doubts and misgivings that I decided to explore.

I de-converted from Christianity over a period of two years.  This blog chronicles that journey and my life now as an atheist/naturalist/humanist living in the Midwest.

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  1. This am while on my daily forage for words to play with, saw an old favorite of mine, anarchy, & clicked on the link that took me to a piece by one Jedediah Purdy. Read a bit then clicked around to find out a bit more of him, & maybe a little something about that book of his, ‘’A Tolerable Anarchy.’ Long story a bit shorter, clicked google to show me more pictures of, ‘a tolerable anarchy.’ there I see an image of the cover of, ‘Anarchy Evolution,’ that clicking on it took me to your site.

    Before getting to a question or two, thanks for the words, ‘intuitive & cognitive,’ had fun with them.

    So read a bit, just the first few entries, & after reading the one on the image that had brought me here, wondered who was responsible for this, & went to look.

    Clicked on ‘bio’ which only made me wonder more… like what space/time of Seattle influence was it? But the ‘big’ question is how long ago was the bio written? With the reason being it says you began your de-conversion a couple years ago, & if that is still the case, w/the time stamps of the entries I read of 2015-16, the leap to the views expressed in them, from fundamentalist thought, is a most impressive leap!

    Did a google on your name & not being a facebooker & seeing lots of Nebraska & no Sioux Falls, said, oh well–>

    1. Hello Dennis. That’s quite the round-about way of finding my blog! Either way, I’m glad you did. I was born & raised in the Northwest. I’ve lived in Sioux Falls for 14 years now. My bio was a little out of date. In it I mentioned I was currently in the “no-man’s land between faith and atheism.” It would be fair to say (and is likely obvious from my current posts) that I am comfortable calling myself an atheist now (although I still have some hangups about that term). My journey of de-conversion certainly wasn’t a leap, however, but a long, arduous journey. I can honestly say though, that it was worth it. I am much happier, at peace, and fulfilled now than I ever was as a Christian. Thanks for the comments, and feel free to leave more if you like.

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Reflections along the journey from faith to reason.

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